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I'm Deaney

I am a paper florist, designer and marketer who have always loved and enjoyed creating art and design on my own and creating and teaching how to create these functional works of art, most especially paper flowers is what I wanted to share with you so you can also create them on your own.

My story

I grew up in a modest middle class family in the suburbs of Sta. Rosa, Laguna in the Philippines. Growing up, the family's needs were provided by my hard working dad and being the eldest among siblings of 3, I became naturally resourceful and self-dependent. I would stretch out what I had and work with only what was given so I wouldn't need to ask more from my parents.

In college, I took Industrial design which all the more sparkled and fueled my love for creating things. After graduation, I worked as a shop front display and exhibition designer for a multinational electronics company where I have learned to manage projects. 

Later on, my feet was swept off by a classmate of mine during highschool to which I had a crush since I was 9. We got married, and I moved with him to the USA.

Being who I am, thrifty, savvy and resourceful, I made my own bouquet of flowers and accessories for our wedding entourage. Hence, this started my love for creating paper flowers.


Skipping to a few year later, we now have our little bundle of joy, our little boss baby,  "Siopao" (her nickname which means Pork filled bun in Filipino) who adds color to our world. We currently live in a small town in North Carolina and If I am not making paper flowers, or taking footage of how to make them, I'm probably changing Siopao's diaper, bathing or feeding her (Insert laughing emoji here)

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